Swen Heidenreich

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«Authentic life, career and leadership»

Today I do not only pass on my expertise as a trained psychologist and certified coach, but also my life experiences and lessons I gathered over the last 20 years.
Thanks to these experiences, I now know only too well what my customers often go through - in management consultancies, as managers, as parents, as service providers, as high performers, but above all as people who actually want nothing more than a happy and fulfilling life. Life - for themselves and their families - with a job that is fun, provides purpose and inspires.
How I coach and do not coach:
- I don't answer your questions. I question your answers.
- I don't solve your problems. I show you how to enjoy your problems and seek bigger ones.
- I don't please you. I challenge you to your very limits.

If you still think "I am in", there is one last challenge for you: Take a minute and ask yourself this: "Am I open for new ideas and insights which may disrupt my current beliefs about myself? Am I committed to work on myself, challenge myself and let go of unhealthy and self-destructive beliefs?"

If the answer is still "YES!", then I am looking forward to working with you, accompanying you as a coach, change consultant, leadership developer or leadership assessor.

My focus areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Assessment & Audits
  • Change Management
  • Coaching
~ Senior Consultant, CEB (now Gartner)
2005 - 2009 ~ Professional Staff Instructor & Business Development Manager, Crisis Prevention Institute, Milwaukee / USA



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