Our approach across the board:


We consider ourselves to be pragmatic as solutions must generate benefits for both humans and organizations. Ideas need to be actionable and real. On the other hand we gaze at the stars, meaning we are on the look-out for future possibilities and potentialities alike.



When supporting our clients and partners, we obsess about putting things into action to create traction and results. When creating solutions, formats have to fit in smoothly in our clients' culture and processes. Our clients benefit from our will to get things done both in a fun and highly committed way.



Leadership wisdom lies in both tried-and-trusted approaches that have evolved over the centuries and harbor fascinating insights as well as future-oriented concepts that do justice to ever-changing human needs. As a consequence, we strive to marry both: the past and future to inspire and equip people and organizations to excel.



Leadership can be a gut-feeling. At the same time, leadership development should be rooted in the latest as well as traditional leadership research. Our clients benefit from the broad spectrum of research, wisdom and practical experience we bring to the table.



When sparking leadership potential and equipping both people and organizations with awesome insights and tools to excel and become the best versions of themselves, we obsess about flow. We ensure procedural excellence on the one hand and natural flexibility on the one hand to make a lasting impact.



When leading others, you will always run into dilemmas and tricky situations where there are no obvious answers. At Capricornus, we believe in the vibrant complexities of situations and human beings. Consequently, we enjoy fostering solutions and paths that are both pragmatic and actionable as well as subtle and nuanced.



Solutions, programs, advice and formats need to serve one objective and one objective only: our customers needs. We bring consultancy expertise and passion to the table to support your people and organization. That is why you can always expect tailor-made solutions and no ready-made formats. You may call us Customer Empaths as a matter of fact.


There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning, and yearning.

(Christopher Morley)

At Capricornus Consulting we excel in the areas of leadership assessment, leadership development and organizational effectiveness. All three fields are rooted in the latest research and executed in accordance to the principles given above. We love what we do and indulge in sparking people and business success.

Leadership Assessment

We assess leadership and potential. On the one hand, we co-create, implement and accompany any assessment format ranging from trainee camps to C-suite individualized assessments. On the other hand, we prepare striving leaders to take part in assessment programs. Our approach is fun, all-encompassing, radically practical, clear and individualized.


Leadership Development

We offer international leadership development ranging from multi-modular journeys and programs, business coaching, learning nuggets, seminars and inspirational talks. Our solutions are state-of-the art including a broad range of effective leadership approaches both tried-and-trusted as well as visionary, tons of practical experience, actionability, gamification-oriented elements and peer power.

Effective Organizations

We support and help organizations to strive. We consult leaders and organizations in the context of change, culture development, leadership summits and organizational effectiveness. Our approach is to truly understand the status quo, create comprehensive formats to foster change and to increase organizational effectiveness in a sustainable way.